‘advertising is dead long live advertising’

Reading material expresses several points about ‘drivers of alternative advertising’ and how there are variety of different advertising mediums emerging through the past few years like ambient and experimental, but also expressing how word-of-mouth is still the most powerful tool of communication.

Proximity. Exclusivity, Invisibility, Unpredictability being four factors to consider when producing our work and creating a successful campaign that communicates our ideas well.









Looking at the factors within out group (Michael, Dimitri)  we have decided to keep the idea of ‘exclusivity’ within out idea, and we ought to keep the car app concept exclusive to ‘Be Car’ and creating a buzz worthy campaign through all mediums especially exploring avenues where competition such as Nissan Leaf , Toyota Auris and other electric cars, aren’t advertising. to think where have the missed out in terms of potential interest and we concluded to be focused within the city and using ‘city lifestyle promoting in areas like restaurants, cafes, bars…identifying our key consumer is vital to producing a great campaign and analysing our consumer behaviours in order to understand their traits and habbits in order to create a good campaign. The brand doest need to be ‘visible’ as such but a buzz about the idea needs to be created. We dont want to go down the obvious route of advertising a car and whats in the car. its been done. we want to create a buzz, without mentioning the fact its a car more of an idea as this would hit all 4 nails on the head, ambiguity of the brand, unpredictable route and rather risky if not pulled of well it could completely fail and the audience would not understand or it could fuel an vast campaign that propells the brand into stardom and breaks boundaries. the idea of personalisation is also key not only to advertising but to the concept that we will brainstorm-






Over the past 25 years there has been drastic movement within advertising not only the construct and ideas, but also in which mediums they are expressed.

Traditional mediums such as Print, Radio had evolved drastically although still dominant in culture used as a contributing factor of an camapaign.

Print ads have evolved digitally and the creation of ‘3d’ art work playing with illusion of dimensions.

Although 3d art has been around since 16th century when Italian Renaissance Madonnari and French trompe l’oeil (French for ‘deceive the eye’) painters created stunning murals to decorate the interior walls of luxurious villas. 3d art can also trace it’s routes further back to ancient Greek days when painter Zeuxius (born around 464BC) painted a still life painting so convincing that birds flew down from the sky to peck at the painted grapes. The magic of 3d is created by painting a 2d picture and viewing it from a specific angle to capture the right perspective.

This is an interesting way to advertise, it has a strong cultural viewpoint, and can be positioned anywhere, has an artistic feel and is an interpretation on advertising evolving.


the task…

Tasks: 1. On your personal blog, record your thoughts on the changes that have seen Traditional Advertising models give way to new experiential marketing paradigms over the past 25 years.

2. Continue reading the first three chapters of Martin Lindstrom’s ‘BRANDSense’, regularly discussing this content with your fellow group members. Log development of your thoughts and ideas on your personal VCD blog.

3. In your groups, prepare questions on the ‘SPARK’ brief for José Filipe Torres’ briefing session in person next Monday morning.

Concept Cars




Bee Car Concept found online.

  • Bee Automobiles

    Product Strategy for the Bee One Electric City Car
  • The challenge: In the tumultuous automotive sector, developments in low carbon technologies are important, but how do you create a car that is environmentally-friendly and still has mass-market appeal? Bee Automobiles saw a business opportunity in the concept of an electric car as a profitable instigator of change. Our challenge was to define the visual language for their product and turn their vision of a technology-friendly, smart, inexpensive and desirable car into something tangible.

    What we did: We worked with their senior management team to develop a business model and a product strategy that could realise their ambitions. By working closely with the company and identifying their core goals, we were able to develop a series of features which maximised the conceptual elements of the project and were feasible for manufacture. The chosen concept underwent rigorous aesthetic development culminating in a quarter-scale fiberglass model which was later shown on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

    The result: A family car that is elegant, practical and ‘light on its feet’, whilst fully utilising the space it takes up. Our model was delivered on time and on budget and included a multitude of innovative lean strategies, from built-to-order manufacturing to top-to-bottom symmetrical door handles that could be used on all four doors. These functions augmented Bee Automobiles’ original concept, enabling highly customised products at a reduced cost.


target group- the message- the timing- the communication channels

  • Target Group
We have decided to aim the Car towards the younger generation of city hipsters, cool quirky characters, that might have an environmental perspective but also like simplicity and are attracted to the city buzz. Age ranging from Late 20s- 40s. People that work in the city, that are contemporary and cool that love at and music. A true definition of a city person, stereotypical cultured and exciting. We want the car to be orientated around their lifestyles. We want to aim to a unisex, mixed group as we don’t want to exclude anyone, we want to aim for a large amount of city people but also being specific in the fact we want to cater to the more ‘cool-kids’ crowd.
  • The Message-
The city is complicated. Communication is simple. We want to bridge the gap between the two make city people realise why the fell in love with the city, and for those who hate the hustle and bustle to simplify it so that they can fall in love with the cultural offerings, allow them to connect with people. Over 7,556,900 people living in London. Yet people in the city have the largest amount people suffer from depression and feel the most ‘isolated’. Instead of focusing on the green element of the car a route overdone and overused by every ‘other’ electric car emerging into the market, we want to be realistic people do care about the environment but we have to be realistic what would be the draw of an electrical car over  a petrol/diesel fuelled one? especially seeing as convenience is an issue the amount or charging bays is limited, and takes the Nissan Leaf for instance takes 2hours to fully charge- we need to offer a lifestyle something that makes people want to be apart of ‘Be’ to drive. Live and breathe;’, it needs to be a concept that connects people that has a by-product as the car not the main focus but a vehicle that connects people, not just transportation.
  • The Timing
We want to create a buzz prior to release looking at 3months prior so theres a good build up similiar to the release of a big blockbuster ie. Harry Potter, with teaser trailers etc. with promotional material based on the idea of being ‘unexpected’ and not being obvious about what we are ‘selling’ promoting creating an image of a brand that cares abbout people and personalisation and how the car experience from A-B is all about the individua. we want to customise the car features to fit this.
Once the car is launched  have a campaign running alongside ie. print. tv. and other events reiterating the cars launch and keeping it present in the spotlight.

  • The Communication Channels
the ways of advertising had obviously evolved from traditional means, and due to the nature of the car i think it would be a perfect fit to use different channels ie. experimental and ambient, to look outside the box and create campaigns and ideas that involve the public i.e. Droga5 and JayZ launch for Decoded, is a great inspiration. How they made a maze around NYC and a treasure hunt almost prior to release and placement of ads all over the city created such a buzz.