Concept Cars



Bee Car Concept found online.

  • Bee Automobiles

    Product Strategy for the Bee One Electric City Car
  • The challenge: In the tumultuous automotive sector, developments in low carbon technologies are important, but how do you create a car that is environmentally-friendly and still has mass-market appeal? Bee Automobiles saw a business opportunity in the concept of an electric car as a profitable instigator of change. Our challenge was to define the visual language for their product and turn their vision of a technology-friendly, smart, inexpensive and desirable car into something tangible.

    What we did: We worked with their senior management team to develop a business model and a product strategy that could realise their ambitions. By working closely with the company and identifying their core goals, we were able to develop a series of features which maximised the conceptual elements of the project and were feasible for manufacture. The chosen concept underwent rigorous aesthetic development culminating in a quarter-scale fiberglass model which was later shown on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

    The result: A family car that is elegant, practical and ‘light on its feet’, whilst fully utilising the space it takes up. Our model was delivered on time and on budget and included a multitude of innovative lean strategies, from built-to-order manufacturing to top-to-bottom symmetrical door handles that could be used on all four doors. These functions augmented Bee Automobiles’ original concept, enabling highly customised products at a reduced cost.



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