‘advertising is dead long live advertising’

Reading material expresses several points about ‘drivers of alternative advertising’ and how there are variety of different advertising mediums emerging through the past few years like ambient and experimental, but also expressing how word-of-mouth is still the most powerful tool of communication.

Proximity. Exclusivity, Invisibility, Unpredictability being four factors to consider when producing our work and creating a successful campaign that communicates our ideas well.









Looking at the factors within out group (Michael, Dimitri)  we have decided to keep the idea of ‘exclusivity’ within out idea, and we ought to keep the car app concept exclusive to ‘Be Car’ and creating a buzz worthy campaign through all mediums especially exploring avenues where competition such as Nissan Leaf , Toyota Auris and other electric cars, aren’t advertising. to think where have the missed out in terms of potential interest and we concluded to be focused within the city and using ‘city lifestyle promoting in areas like restaurants, cafes, bars…identifying our key consumer is vital to producing a great campaign and analysing our consumer behaviours in order to understand their traits and habbits in order to create a good campaign. The brand doest need to be ‘visible’ as such but a buzz about the idea needs to be created. We dont want to go down the obvious route of advertising a car and whats in the car. its been done. we want to create a buzz, without mentioning the fact its a car more of an idea as this would hit all 4 nails on the head, ambiguity of the brand, unpredictable route and rather risky if not pulled of well it could completely fail and the audience would not understand or it could fuel an vast campaign that propells the brand into stardom and breaks boundaries. the idea of personalisation is also key not only to advertising but to the concept that we will brainstorm-






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