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The Day of the Presentation.

  • The day of the presentation:

My thoughts: i think the presentation went fairly well seeing as the construct of our idea changed so much throughout the course of the project and our direction was clearer after meeting with Gareth and we decided to focus on the promotion of our idea rather than .

Our final idea was simple to connect people through the construct of social networking platform, that allowed cars to interact with one another. we wanted to focus on the idea of connection and communication and how A-B was more of an experience of interaction and personalised to ones lifestyle.

A common thread went through the rest of the presentations and they had similar ideas that were projected in a similar way, i felt our presentation went in a different direction our idea was original and we focused on one main point rather than exposing all our ideas as we felt we wanted a clear precise image, to promote the idea of connection and creation.

Our influences of oragami and paper folding fit well as it promoted the idea of shaping and moulding clearly with a naiive innocent feel, something we wanted the brand to represent, clean and green was a direction already done by other car companies they had stopped focusing on why people travelled what was their outcome, people that lve in the cuty and why they live there- the cultural social aspects and how its so different for each person as each place in the city is so different from one another ie. Camden/Chelsea and the mixture of perspectives.