Conclusion on Ideas

I think the execution went ok. 

The ideas i had i think would work realistically with the brand, the expenses were kept low and i think entirely it gives Esquire a unique feel. Each exectuon allows interaction over social media which is the most influential factor to promotion. 


Interachangable content- i got the idea from my own way of reading magazines i tend to hoard images clips and sections of magazines. and i think using this could get more people to want to purchase a copy they can clip and save and customize their archive like blog content. similiar to pinterest.



Shazam for Clothes? 

Shazam for Clothes?

Heres an interesting article about technological advancement in style apps. 

This is something Esquire could benefit from hugely, it would give Esquire an edge above competition. 

The style app detects clothing…this could be adapted so it could link straight to the brand/store where products can be purchased ultimately changing the online shopping experience, in addition to attracting more advertisers

Looking for new writers: Business & Pleasure 

Looking for new writers: Business & Pleasure

So in my quest to find new writers i came across this blog, reviews had been good and guys had recommended i check him out. So i did, he’s blog is great he’s tone of voice interesting and comfortable again theres a relatability factor that works. 

His articles varies from technological advancements to race and romance.

A diverse writer that could be perfect for a magazine like Esquire. Fresh Talent, new voices.

Esquire: Other Videos

Again, i found this on their Youtube channel and its a short video about saving the post office.
Its the first political piece on there Youtube page, and its an interesting cause they seem to be wanting to aid.

-I wouldnt of known they were doing this if i wasnt specifically searching. Again everything they are doing is great but no coverage. No one is watching it all.

Esquire Content: A Day in the Life

Esquire also have a youtube page that has a bunch of videos with interesting content.

They have a series of videos under ‘A day in the life’ which is basically a short video with a woman doing stereotypical roles ‘cooking, cleaning…or rolling around in bed’…cos thats what we women do? hmmm not so sure.

Vice Mag: First Trip to Harrods 

Vice Mag: First Trip to Harrods

Vice do some great articles, this one is about an American guys first trip to Harrods.

I guess this is what a guy that has never read esquire might think, just because the expense of objects advertised. 

I think Esquire ought to do little video blogs, its exciting stumbling upon stuff like this its interesting quirky and you get someones OPINION. someones POINT OF VIEW.

which is what Esquire needs that flavour. 

Vice is doing it well. 

Boys must not cross here…

I saw this sign, from Eton Boys school into Slough (My hometown) how hilarious, but at the same time how interesting, i like the idea of something being closed off or ‘forbidden’ its alluring kindve makes you want to. In terms of the magazine its an interesting line ‘No boys allowed’ you know really making it clear Esquire is for men. Reminds me of the Yorkie chocolate thing with ‘No girls allowed campaign’.Image