Read: The Game



This is one of my fav books, and in doing a mens magazine a go-to. Its whats attracted me to wanting to write for men. Neil Strauss is hilarious, ‘The Game’ is a book about pick-up artists for men, talking about how to get to know women, sleep with them etc. a full on guide. Its hilarious it has a typical duo the guy that aint so bad with girls and the virgin. haha its a contrast but not a drastic one, which is reflective of groups of friends now.

Its witty, and relatable. Strauss has the perfect tone and talks like he’s talking ot his mate. And you feel like you know him, like your not threatened by the ladies-man he turns into but kindve wanna be his best friend as well as admire him. 

The plot is not like a check list of what to do, which alot mags kindve get into. He’s not telling you ‘what to do’ and avoids typical cliches like that but instead tells you his experience what he wanted to get, what he wanted to do and how he experimented. 

The idea of going on an experiment is appealing, and as a bestseller it seems like guys liked it too. Its a fresh way to explore journalism – getting people to do stuff and socumenting it. not just a check list but how someones gone about it. 

For example: hes not saying ‘Go talk to new women’

instead hes saying ‘so i went up to this woman, she was a 7 for sure…nervous” u know giving emotion giving a visual that makes u feel like your apart of it all. 

Great Read, and psychologically intelligent. He’s right women want to feel like you want to know them so asking em a few questions is the best way to bed em.- The femminist in me cant believe im reading this, but at the same time is making me think twice every guy i meet. 

Hmm not sure if women should read this. I maybe being paranoid but did that guy just try to ’emotionally secure’ me by asking about my childhood. O god this is dangerous. 


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