Inspiration: Graffitti


I love this image. I was going through blogs and came across it. 

Its funny, cute and perfect tone i want to aim for. I also think street art says alot, you can get out messages about the brand, about what content there is with simple illustration like this, good copy can go so far. 

Imagine just putting an esquire QR or a logo where people could be re-directed to the ‘relationships’ articles. It’d be interesting way to engage. Plus the amount of guys that respond to my graffitti posts on facebook, twitter and tumblr says that they can really appreciate some good art, and maybe the riskiness of the legality of painting places is also what makes graffitti more attractive to men? hmm i dunno. but i know there are certainly less women graffitti artists, wonder why that is…


Read: The Game



This is one of my fav books, and in doing a mens magazine a go-to. Its whats attracted me to wanting to write for men. Neil Strauss is hilarious, ‘The Game’ is a book about pick-up artists for men, talking about how to get to know women, sleep with them etc. a full on guide. Its hilarious it has a typical duo the guy that aint so bad with girls and the virgin. haha its a contrast but not a drastic one, which is reflective of groups of friends now.

Its witty, and relatable. Strauss has the perfect tone and talks like he’s talking ot his mate. And you feel like you know him, like your not threatened by the ladies-man he turns into but kindve wanna be his best friend as well as admire him. 

The plot is not like a check list of what to do, which alot mags kindve get into. He’s not telling you ‘what to do’ and avoids typical cliches like that but instead tells you his experience what he wanted to get, what he wanted to do and how he experimented. 

The idea of going on an experiment is appealing, and as a bestseller it seems like guys liked it too. Its a fresh way to explore journalism – getting people to do stuff and socumenting it. not just a check list but how someones gone about it. 

For example: hes not saying ‘Go talk to new women’

instead hes saying ‘so i went up to this woman, she was a 7 for sure…nervous” u know giving emotion giving a visual that makes u feel like your apart of it all. 

Great Read, and psychologically intelligent. He’s right women want to feel like you want to know them so asking em a few questions is the best way to bed em.- The femminist in me cant believe im reading this, but at the same time is making me think twice every guy i meet. 

Hmm not sure if women should read this. I maybe being paranoid but did that guy just try to ’emotionally secure’ me by asking about my childhood. O god this is dangerous. 

Reading: How to Stay Humble? Ben Goode

Trying to find some good copy.

Im into short and snappy lines that kindve say what it needs to. I hate being verbose. 

So i picked up another book…ok its a lie i was given it. 

though im goin to take it as a compliment.

Good read. Hopefully reading good stuff like this will help me to write a better article…? 

I hope so. i want to get a good tone of voice, i want guys to get it. Image

DAMN GOOD ADVICE- damn right u go Lois!!!

Ok so im getting a little stalkerish. 

I went and brought George Lois’ book ‘Damn good advice’- and ive gotta say one of my favourite reads. 

Its not text-heavy so a bonus. its a paragraph or so each page with beautiful imagery throughout. Work he’s done, references of history, art, culture thoughts on why he did what he did when creating agencies as well as directing esquire. 

Its full of ideas a quotes to help be creative. basic stuff u know but sometimes forget in the hustle of everything else. 

This shall be my go-to-guide for when im feeling uninspired. or fed up. De-stress woo-saaaImage

The Day of the Presentation.

  • The day of the presentation:

My thoughts: i think the presentation went fairly well seeing as the construct of our idea changed so much throughout the course of the project and our direction was clearer after meeting with Gareth and we decided to focus on the promotion of our idea rather than .

Our final idea was simple to connect people through the construct of social networking platform, that allowed cars to interact with one another. we wanted to focus on the idea of connection and communication and how A-B was more of an experience of interaction and personalised to ones lifestyle.

A common thread went through the rest of the presentations and they had similar ideas that were projected in a similar way, i felt our presentation went in a different direction our idea was original and we focused on one main point rather than exposing all our ideas as we felt we wanted a clear precise image, to promote the idea of connection and creation.

Our influences of oragami and paper folding fit well as it promoted the idea of shaping and moulding clearly with a naiive innocent feel, something we wanted the brand to represent, clean and green was a direction already done by other car companies they had stopped focusing on why people travelled what was their outcome, people that lve in the cuty and why they live there- the cultural social aspects and how its so different for each person as each place in the city is so different from one another ie. Camden/Chelsea and the mixture of perspectives.


We choose this line “Shape our experience” With that particular font because it reflected that authetic and personalised feel that we though our brand should have due to the main feature of the car, which was being able to customise it to your preferences .

We chose this line “Shape our Experience” .

As it relates to the idea of creating your own reality te main draw to the app.

& the outline is sketchy and looks as if someone has personally drawn it which again reiterates our idea of creating and personalised feel


Art of Oragami


“Origami (折り紙?, from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”; kami changes to gami due to rendaku) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD at the latest and was popularized outside Japan in the mid-1900s. It has since then evolved into a modern art form. The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of material into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be origami. Paper cutting and gluing is usually considered kirigami.”

A wikipidia definition of origami.